Bartell Morrison Case Study

Photo of Bartell troweller

Bartell Morrison manufactures a variety of powered tools used in the placing, spreading and finishing of concrete surfaces. They also sell powered compactors, concrete mixers and service parts.


Many of the machines posed a health risk for their indoor workers. Also, excessive carbon monoxide during curing time affected the durability of the concrete. It also can cause a problem known as “dusting.”


Bartell Morrison partnered with GESi to offer the lowest emission power trowels in the industry.  These Ultra Low Emissions power trowels would dramatically lower carbon monoxide levels, which would boost productivity, while reducing accidents and damage to equipment.


After installing the GESi®, the test results showed a significant reduction in carbon monoxide and diesel particulate as follows:


After choosing to install GESi® technology, Bartell Morrison positioned themselves as an environmentally conscious company. More importantly, less carbon monoxide means less employees suffering from loss of concentration or productivity, increased errors or accidents, and damage to equipment. In deploying additive technology, they can also use the ISO 14064 and 14065 processes to establish baseline and verify emission reductions as well as quantify and verify carbon credits.