Murray Demolition Case Study

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Murray Demolition provides demolition, abatement, remediation and investment recovery services nation-wide. Their machines included John Deere diesel off-road equipment, Bobcat diesel off-road equipment, and other smaller units that use propane or gas.


The Bobcat 220 is a diesel unit that had to be shut down despite the ventilation systems being on. The air inside the building had a high level of carbon monoxide, which made it unsafe. This, combined with other stoppages due to reduced visibility, meant lost man-hours and unplanned costs for Murray Demolition.  

In the past, they tried installing exhaust scrubbers for some of the Bobcat units, but they found the scrubbers caused back pressure for the engines, which reduces horsepower and reduces fuel efficiency.


Murray Demolition engaged Global Emissions Systems Inc., (GESi®) to design and manufacture a solution for their Bobcat to reduce carbon monoxide and diesel particulate matter. GESi® tested a Bobcat 220 to establish the baseline for carbon monoxide, hydro carbons, nitrogen oxides, and particulate in both idle and load situations with the standard factory exhaust. A GESi® unit was designed using proprietary precious metal loadings to reduce carbon monoxide and a catalyzed particulate filter was also installed to reduce diesel particulate. The unit was designed to replace the factory exhaust system as a retrofit with identical mounting brackets and flanges to allow for easy and quick installation.


After installing the GESi®, the test results showed a significant reduction in carbon monoxide and diesel particulate as follows: 


Murray Demolition was able to enhance their positioning as an environmentally conscious company. This initiative complements some of their other environmental initiatives, such as the investment recovery services which divert useable waste items from demolition sites away from landfills.

They enjoy knowing The GESi® units can be de-installed from one machine and re-installed on a similar machine, provided the engine displacement is identical.  This is of value, as some of their equipment is leased or rented.